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How can efficient supplier payments boost your business?

An efficient and reliable procure-to-pay system is key to smooth structural processes. Organisations that deal with vendors, goods and services regularly need a swift and hassle-free payment procedure. What counts as a secondary process is actually one of the key processes for a structurally sound internal management system. The benefits of structured supplier payments range from a systematic financial system, less stress on internal resources to a seamless payment system.

Why is it necessary to have a supplier payment system?

A well-organised supplier payment system ensures no duplicate payments, payments which are made without appropriate approval, regular vendor updation leading to better sourcing and the incorporation of a system that ensures payments are made in a timely manner.

To ensure supplier payments in respect to your organization are managed efficiently, it would be an intelligent move to take advice from experts in sourcing and supplier payments. As the dynamics of the business world change and new practices become trends, it’s important to understand what your business needs.

How can a sourcing solutions organization help?

The primary task of a sourcing solutions organization is to understand the needs of your business, the limitations of current processes and henceforth suggest policy and internal changes for new procedures. In an ideal scenario, the experts will take over these processes and act as the bridge between your business and vendors. All supplier payments go through them which significantly eases the stress on your resources.

The primary challenges of an inept supplier payment system is lack of organization, scattered processes and lack of ownership. The finance management team of any organization is focused on a series of things, adding the burden of supplier payments only makes the process more complicated.

Other benefits

A well-management system offers a new perspective to existing processes and organisations can gauge the shortcomings as well as the advantages of the current system. Any new addition to this process will only make for improvements and a more robust payment system.


Studies have shown that structured back-end business process can save up to 45% of expenses and also ensure incremental savings. Reduction in manual labour, automatic processes, limited scope of error and an intelligent system are only some of the benefits from efficient supplier payments.

Where should you start?

Analyse, understand and act. It’s important to first understand the shortcomings in your current business processes and subsequent improvements that can be implemented. An objective overview of business processes not only opens processes to evaluation but ensures a better way of working and a wide scope for improvement.

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