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E-waste management

When we think of wastage – mobiles, computers, laptops are the last thing on our mind. In the recent years, however, they have become a huge part of the world’s waste. As is the case with all waste products, this too needs to be recycled and managed for the benefit of the environment.

The surplus of electronic waste needs an outlet, and a proper disposal process is essential in today’s age where sustainability isn’t a choice but a necessity. As natural resources deplete, practices to preserve the environment are being and encouraged around the world. According to a few studies, obtaining precious metals and minerals through recycling of E- waste is a more economical process than mining.

“Simple and tailor-made solutions for complex problems”

The process is crucial for multinationals and business units which focus on electronics and need the waste disposed in an efficient manner. To make this easier, we offer you end-to-end services for custom E-waste disposal, reuse as well as recycling.


We ensure your E-waste is recycledusing state of the art technology. Efficiency and recovering minerals beneficial for the environment is the primary goal while ensuring hazardous material is disposed.

Custom disposal services

We will ensure that E-waste from your organization is disposed according to the nature and material of the waste as well as the industry.

Data destruction

We ensure data destruction doesn’t lead to data breach and also that your data is safe throughout the process of E-wastage.

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